What questions can I ask and how can what will I learn?
There’s no limit to what you can ask and what you can get help with. Our community has pros and coaches who have expertise in recruiting, nutrition, defensive line, offensive line, rehab, and getting to the next level. Along the way, they’ve had to overcome set backs and challenges, such as , bouncing back after a bad performance, putting on weight, learning a new position, coming back from an injury and a whole lot more. We guarantee that you’re going to be blown away by the knowledge in here. On the flip side, we know you also have something amazing to share and we also expect you’ll share that and help other apspiring athletes through their journey. This is a win-win community.
I'm a coach or parent of an athlete. Can I use this?
We know that every parent wants to help their kid(s) achieve their goals and every coach wants to do their job well. We want to help you. Not only can coaches and parents use ProPlay to learn the game they are teaching and coaching, we actually designed ProPlay with aspiring athletes, coaches and parents in mind. So, feel free to come into the community and achieve your goals whatever they are. 
Why not in-person coaching?
In-person coaching is great, but for too long private sports coaching has only been reserved for the top "1%" of athletes who can afford it. Furthermore, in-person coaching is constrained to location leaving hundreds of thousands of athletes from coaching that can help them achieve their goals. Our mission is to create a place where any athlete any where can receive top notch coaching for an affordable price. 
How do I cancel my account
To cancel your account click the cancel anytime link on this page and follow the directions  
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