Community Guidelines



Who is ProPlay for?
ProPlay is for football players, coaches, trainers, enthusiasts and parents at every level are welcome to join ProPlay.
What should I post?
Coaches will be able to respond to your posts and help you achieve your goals better if you post within these 3 categories: #ASK#PRAISE#GIVE. This makes it easier for everyone to find exactly what they are looking for in the group.

#ASK = Any question you may have around football that you're stumped on. Question topics include: diet, technique, training, mind set, preparation, recruiting, scouting and anything else football related.


EX: #Ask What's a good diet that can help me gain 15 pound of solid muscle?

#PRAISE = Any wins you are celebrating OR any fellow members you wish to spotlight and celebrate.


EX: #Praise I want to shout out [insert name] for helping me with my defensive line technique. [insert name] has been super helpful in growing me as a football player.

#GIVE = Any tips, strategies, lessons or insights you have learned along the way.


EX: #GIVE Here are the three ways I bounce back from failure . . .

If you do not use #ASK #PRAISE or #GIVE in your post, it will be deleted without warning.

Thanks you for reading about our community guidelines. Now let's help each other achieve our goals and realize our potential.